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We have constructed lists of standard shiftpatterns for continuous, semi-continuous and discontinuous work.

Continuous: one team rostered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7)
Semi-continuous: one team rostered continuously for part of the week
Discontinuous: not 24 hours a day, but could be 7 days a week

The lists are available in the following formats:

Excel spreadsheet
RotaBase (a database containing a library of shift rotas that can be opened by our two rostering software products, RotaPick and RotaView)

RotaPick allows you to:

Select a shift rota from a library of rotas
Produce individual or team calendars on the screen or as printouts
View the rota in a number of ways, over any period of time,  on the screen or as printouts
Add your own shift and absence codes with start and finish times, descriptions and hours of work
Assign a colour to a shift code
Do shift count and hour calculations over any period of time
Cut and paste rotas to and from other Windows applications, such as Excel

RotaView is a shift planning and administration system that contains all the functionality of RotaPick and much more besides.  


To place an order or for further information, please contact:

Resource Analysts Limited

Tel : +44 (0)1273 202880